Are You Making These Common Mistakes During Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment is a significant part of building up your business platform. However, it is also important to assess the right risks at the right time so that we are always alarmed well before a financial mishap is about to happen. Studies show that mistakes made during the assessment of risks are a common thing to happen and listed below are some of the commonest mistakes that you could avoid at your end.

Restricted significance

Most companies begin the whole process of risk assessment when there is a legal reason to do so. Till then, they are hardly concerned about the need to assess potential financial risks. This is a huge mistake. Yes, the legal requirement is definitely a reason to start the process but since it plays a major role in ensuring the safety of your business all the year round, it should be a non-negotiable activity.

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From a distance

Risk assessment does not happen from a distance. You might come across a hundred advertisements on the Internet that claim to help you assess the level of risk for your business with software that is more efficient than humans. However, that it a lie and is yet another way to get you to buy unnecessary applications. Risk assessment happens when you get involved in the process and talk to the people who are in the company. You will have to personally catch up with everything that your business is associated with.

Seeing as far as control measures

It is not only important to know what control measures need to be in place but it is even more important to know whether these measures are being implemented or not. Furthermore, it is required to take note of whether the implementation makes a difference to the level of risk or not. Simply restricting your knowledge to the control measures is never enough.

No plan in sight

Now that you are aware of the potential risks, the next step is to keep a plan ready if these risks hit your business and you are impacted. You should have a list of plans and actions ready for use and for that frequent drills should be carried out so that the plans are not only limited to a Word document on your laptop. The plans should be made a part of meetings and discussions so that they can be updated time and again to keep them relevant.

Risk assessment forms the foundation of safety planning for your business and it should always be made a priority.

Impact Of Inflation On Real Estate Business

Inflation is a word that most entrepreneurs are petrified of. It can be a big deal for many business owners because rising prices and reduced supply rates can bring their profitability to a standstill and can also cut down their funding sources. All these factors can make a business owner lose sleep but when it comes to a real estate business, these factors do not apply. In fact, inflation could mean good things for real estate business owners. It actually benefits during phases of inflation. Cash tends to lose value when held over a long time but real estate investments have the potential to turn into positive equity when held over time.

Real estate is inflation proof

If your business is about investing in real estate then you will be happy to know that the industry is inflation proof. There have been no major ups or downs in housing prices with respect to inflation for several years now. The primary reason for this is the fact that housing will be a basic human need and it will always be in demand, no matter what.

Real estate appreciates

There are a number of benefits when it comes to holding on to real estate. There are advantages like reduction in taxes, reduction in debts, no need to pay rents etc. It has been noted that price appreciation is almost always at the same pace as that of inflation.

Positive cash flow

Cash flow is often a big factor where inflation is concerned. Most businesses are apprehensive of the halt in cash flow and of funds from external sources. As far as real estate investment is concerned, cash flow is generally continuous. This is because even if the property is running on rent, the rent has to be paid and with rising inflation and increased cost of living, the wages are also expected to increase. Thus, there is no fear of cash shortage.

Always in demand

Have you ever heard of a highly populated area suddenly being vacated unless and until there is a natural calamity in store? This is precisely the point. There will always be people looking for homes because human beings will not stop procreating and the more the population, the higher the need for homes. If you have a real estate investment, you can rest assured that your business will always thrive.

The need for shelter is a primary human need and this is what will always keep the real estate business in demand.

Own Your Dream Home When You Wish

When is the right time to have a house of your own? When you have the funds ready. When is the right time to take a home loan for your dream house? When you wish. We often wait and watch for the interest rates to come down and the terms and conditions to relax so as to meet our limitations. THE WAIT IS OVER NOW! The moment you find the house you wish to make yours, we work to convert your wish into reality.

With the shortest processing time and the lowest interest rates, the feature of lock-in period of home loan sanction is what makes us your best home partners.

Our lock-in facility

You have decided on which property to buy and have made all the necessary documents ready. There may be shortfalls in arranging the amount required as downpayment from your side or you may want to wait till the existing vehicle loan is closed. Sometimes, the house may be occupied by the current owners who need some time for relocation. For the above-furnished reasons or some other reason, you think about stalling the full purchase of the property with the loan to a specified amount of time.

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The decision is right financially, for why should you start paying the home loan interest when you still have the ownership transfer pending. This is where the lock-in facility comes into play. You may be currently residing in a different city and running again for loan processing becomes difficult. When you decide on the property to be purchased, complete all formalities with us regarding the documents and wait for the application to be processed. Within days of verification, your loan will be sanctioned but the disbursement dates will be decided by you.

The initial lock-in time is for one year and can be extended on justifiable grounds. We do not charge any extra fees for the same and you do not pay any installments or holding fees during the period.

You can opt to freeze the interest rate until the time of ownership transfer. That is, the rate of interest rate during the time of submission of the application time can be fixed for the initial repayment schedules. The interest changes into floating rate only after the fixed time period as given in our terms and policies.

The lock-in period will not be considered in the tenure and you can enjoy the dream to come true the moment you click the release button.