Own Your Dream Home When You Wish

When is the right time to have a house of your own? When you have the funds ready. When is the right time to take a home loan for your dream house? When you wish. We often wait and watch for the interest rates to come down and the terms and conditions to relax so as to meet our limitations. THE WAIT IS OVER NOW! The moment you find the house you wish to make yours, we work to convert your wish into reality.

With the shortest processing time and the lowest interest rates, the feature of lock-in period of home loan sanction is what makes us your best home partners.

Our lock-in facility

You have decided on which property to buy and have made all the necessary documents ready. There may be shortfalls in arranging the amount required as downpayment from your side or you may want to wait till the existing vehicle loan is closed. Sometimes, the house may be occupied by the current owners who need some time for relocation. For the above-furnished reasons or some other reason, you think about stalling the full purchase of the property with the loan to a specified amount of time.

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The decision is right financially, for why should you start paying the home loan interest when you still have the ownership transfer pending. This is where the lock-in facility comes into play. You may be currently residing in a different city and running again for loan processing becomes difficult. When you decide on the property to be purchased, complete all formalities with us regarding the documents and wait for the application to be processed. Within days of verification, your loan will be sanctioned but the disbursement dates will be decided by you.

The initial lock-in time is for one year and can be extended on justifiable grounds. We do not charge any extra fees for the same and you do not pay any installments or holding fees during the period.

You can opt to freeze the interest rate until the time of ownership transfer. That is, the rate of interest rate during the time of submission of the application time can be fixed for the initial repayment schedules. The interest changes into floating rate only after the fixed time period as given in our terms and policies.

The lock-in period will not be considered in the tenure and you can enjoy the dream to come true the moment you click the release button.