The Technology Blockchain Implementation to Humans


The next level application of bc technology might be used to signal the truly big data relied upon complex kind of mechanisms and working models. These are referred to as higher order magnitude prototypes ‘Genomic Sequencing’.

  • Adding the present feature of bc knowledge to the current sequencing methodologies could possibly enable the complete study of the human genome on industrial-scale. This happens to be the best innovation ever made.
  • It would be similar to DNA blockchain sequencing functionality which makes it possible to represent and cloud-store a whole-human genome structure. Further, this would account for the most outstanding data storing capacity including almost 3,760 whole human DNAs and nearly 10,800 exomes. This collected information record is based on approximately 8 billion humans.
  • The main benefit of such repository is that it allows an open access to a certain population and helps in developing computing projects mainly focused on genomic medicine and personalized medicines.
  • The explicit use of the app GenomeCoin, expand the availability of accessing any individual being on the move. Additionally, this app contributes to the tracking, arranging and crediting events based on sponsoring mechanisms in the Genomes Data Collection community of commons.
  • The release of Wikinomics like website makes a dream come true in making and storing highly potential and diverse individual genomes sets database which can be accounted for both present and future studies.
  • Further, the introduction of bc technology in economics helps in embedding automatic updating feature where genome sequencing and storage is exploited for research and this characteristic of blockchain economics tracks and account with GenomeResearchCoin as a micropayment stipend.

Blockchain and Human Health

Projects are already on its way to record and track, exchange and provide access to different kind of digital assets including the human health asset. This means the technology of bc can be applied for health-related purposes. The potential advantage of blockchain health record storing is that this data can be analyzed but will remain private itself.

  • A major application is the use of a Healthcoin which is a token type spend on national health services. This innovation is helpful in tackling the economic inefficiencies within the health industry. Uniqueness and price transparency are the main pros of this system.
  • Another revolutionary idea is storing and managing the electronic medical records or say EMR to a digital address which has only a private key access. By this means, any person could allow doctors or pharmacies to view their health status by sharing the secret key.

Researchers are going on to help with every human health-related difficulty and soon blockchain technology will assist us.